Document searches in the United States

Custom pricing (plus VAT at 20%)

Whether you're located in the US or the UK, I can help you navigate the different methods of searching for documents state-by-state. Be aware, due to privacy restrictions by many states, some documents may be inaccessible unless by a member of the immediate family. However, some states may have restrictions on documents searches that include releasing them to genealogists. I can help you determine the level of access and the best method of obtaining a record, if possible. If ordering a document search is difficult to obtain by post, then I can also facilitate searches using local genealogists.

Additional information:

  • Due to the different charges and methods of searching offered by individual states, US document searching is quoted on a case-by-case basis

  • If you've never worked with me before I may require a base charge of £44 to create a basic profile of your ancestor before starting any document searching request

  • All charges will be quoted and agreed before commencing a document search, this will include the cost of shipping and any associated charges from ordering the search

  • All document search fees are non-refundable and are charged whether a document is located or not

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