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Fixed price services

These services can help you get started with your family research or help fill in gaps with the research you have already done. It is possible to bundle these together, so if you start with one person I can continue researching at the discounted rate with a custom order.

One person

I will research one individual to assess the availability of information. You will get associated source files, plus a summary that includes a description of sources available, and any names of parents, spouses, or children that can be located.

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Two generations

This package will include your starting individual plus one generation. You will receive all sources, a report with a summary of your ancestor plus their parents, and a family group sheet to help you fill in missing information for your tree.

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Four generations

This package will include your starting individual plus five generations. You will receive a family tree, all sources, a report with a summary of five generations of your ancestors, and family group sheets.

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Document searches or local look-ups

Sometimes it's not possible to find everything you need online. Where appropriate I might suggest a document search or local document look-up as a next step to researching your family. I can do searches in the London area or I can coordinate document searches across the United Kingdom or the United States.

London document look-ups

I am conveniently located to the National Archives at Kew, the British Library, the Society of Genealogists, as well as a number of London museums and libraries. Any searches done within the London area will not include any travel costs, but postage fees may apply.

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Local research outside of London

If you require research outside of the London area in the United Kingdom, I may be able to help. Please contact me to understand what your research goals are, and I can give you a quote for services I can offer. Travel will be charged in addition to the quoted fees and postage fees may apply.

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Document searches in the United States

Navigating document searches in the United States can be complicated due to the availability of documents state by state, and varying privacy laws. I have helped clients order document searches, pinpoint the appropriate repository for information they need, and locate local genealogists that can help them further their research.

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Additional services

I can offer bespoke help and advice, help clean and verify your family tree information, or give you a few different ways to tackle a problem you might be having.

Bespoke research

If you have a specific problem or question, let me know how I can help. I'll give you a suggestion on where to start or help with anything you might have missed.

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Ancestry tree clean-up

It's happened to all of us, you save a few shared family trees, or a couple of unverified hints send you down the wrong path, and before you know it your Ancestry tree is out of hand. If you need help sorting out your tree, verifying sources, or saving additional sources, I can help you.

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