A House Through Time


I just recently finished the second series of A House Through Time on BBC iPlayer, a fascinating program that chronicles the history of one house from the moment it was built up until present day. I watched the first season sometime last year and was immediately captivated with the idea. As genealogists we tend to follow the lives of families as they move from house to house or place to place, but the to look at all of the lives that lived in one house through time adds a whole new dimension onto the history of a place and the families that had once lived there.

This series they're in Newcastle on Ravensworth Terrace. The stories through the house's history do not disappoint. The second series is still available on iPlayer and I do recommend all four episodes. The previous series is not available at the moment, but I'm sure it will come back around in the future, so I would keep a lookout for that one too.

Heidi Blanton